Imagining Youth
social movements and networks in Ukraine
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I was hoping to share a lot of my fieldwork experience in Ukraine through this blog. However, after several months of large-scale protest and the eventual ousting of the government, I felt extremely unsafe sharing much information about what I was doing and with whom. Even two years later, I still believe this was the […]

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And other impressions from Maidan… If you’ve been following the news from Ukraine, you may have noticed that there’s still a┬ámassive mobilization going on. It has been three weeks since the early protesters came onto the square, asking Yanukovych not to sell out Ukraine to Russia and claiming that Ukraine is Europe. Since then — […]

It’s an amazing time to be in Ukraine. As you may have seen the “Euromaidan” news, mobilizations across the country have gathered hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, largely in protest of President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to end talks with European Union leaders in response to pressure from Russian President Vladimir Putin. These talks were to […]